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My work is an ongoing exploration of identity, pop culture, politics and psychology. The performance and video art embodies these themes both internally and externally: the films represent inward reflections while the body movement provides outward representation. Furthermore, my research includes my own inquiry into my Asian identity as a Chinese adoptee with a Jewish upbringing. 

Emma has studied with Alvin Ailey, Mark Morris, Paul Taylor, Jennifer Muller the Works and Broadway Dance Center. She was a company member with eSKay Arts Collective for two years and has worked with Mike Esperanza, Nijaawon Matthews, BAVA Dance Company, Alison Cook Beatty Dance, AZUL Dance Theater, Artists by Any Other Name and Patmon Dance Project. She has also performed at Friday Nights Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Brooklyn Bazaar, Green Space, Bryant Park Contemporary Dance, Dance Educators Concert (NYC DOE ), Launch V, Triskelion Arts Summerfest, Small Plates Festival, RAW Artists...


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